Aarhus Volume X Vive les Groues at Stun camp

Site: Vive les Groues, Nanterre, Paris, France

DATE: 18. Oktober, 2019

Partners: Vive les Groues

Photografer: Johan Adrian Buus

Poster Design: Christian Dam Hansen & Siri Sølyst Farup

Through a international network called STUN (social temporary use network) we were invited to participate in a camp on a platform called Vive Les Groues. We drove in a caravan of four cars to a district in Paris called Nanterre. We flew in five talented artists from Aarhus and transformed the place and created a true Aarhus Volume night.

Artist from Aarhus, Denmark joining for the party at friday the 18th.

// AGGi DiX //

// Jeremy Troy //

// Victor Danos //

// Hans-Solo //

// Fajardo //

// Black Forøst //