Andromeda xx Aarhus Volume represents

Site: Gudrunsvej 78, 8220

DATE: 31. Maj, 2018

Partners: Andromeda, 8220

Photografer: Aysha Amin

Poster Design: Aysha Amin, Billede i midten taget af @Lasse Oc.

ANDROMEDA xx Aarhus Volume looked in to representation and mirroring.

There was talks concerning representation within art and culture. Luckily. And often the sentence "Its so important with representation and possibilities to reflect in the culture!" but why?

Around that subject we created and event in Andromeda, 8220s space in Gellerup. I was facilitated by Andromeda, 8220 and Klara Sørensen.


18.00 Opening

19.00 What is representation, presentation by Signe Uldbjerg Mortensen

19.30 Conversation with Aysha Amin and Gellerup POV

19.45 filmscreening – Trommeslager


21.00 Conversation with Sara Mouritzen from Trommeslager

21.30 Rounding off of Representation

21.45 We break the fast together