UNDER GADEN 2020 Release _ lookback

Site: D.A.K, Institut for (X), 8000

DATE: 5. Marts, 2020

Photografer: Johan Adrian Buus

Poster Design: Siri Sølyst Farup

Under Gaden 2020 should have been the fifth annual street festival presented by Aarhus Volume.

We took the opportunity to look back on the years before and celebrated a mini anniversary with friends, collaborators and family. We boiled down the four previous years to a exhibition thanks to Johans eternal photografical art and a google drive filed with graphics folders. Besides that we released that years poster. vi årets plakat.


16.00 - Welcome

16.30 - Exhibition, Lookback

17.30 - Release Under Gade 2020

18.00 - Black Førest - Live Concert